Sunday, 29 March 2015

20. Primroses

Cold rain-showers raced in from the ocean today, one after another, with an occasional gleam of sunshine in between. A day to hunch into a warm coat, turn up the collar and put on a woolly hat. Yet changes are happening daily, and at an amazing pace. Today, the first primroses! I spotted their distinctive pale yellow under the hazel trees at the back of the fairy fort, and walked over to find several large clump of flowers growing in the grass. These are truly wild primroses in their natural habitat, though they would grace any garden.

Primroses look delicate, fragile even, with thin petals on slender pink stems, quite different from the robust flowers of the daffodils. Yet here they are, pushing aside the grass, open and lovely in both rain and sunshine as if to say 'Grab the moment, there is no need to wait - be like us and let your spirit shine out now'.

A gleam of pale yellow under the hazel trees

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