Sunday, 7 June 2015

38. Ox-eye daisy

Summer is really here - the ox-eye daisies are coming into flower. Their bright, white blooms grow in profusion in all the wildflower areas in the Garden and they will soon provide a pretty pattern on the earth-woman's dress of summer flowers.

I started plucking petals to the old rhyme 'he loves me, he loves me not', but I didn't mind how it turned out. Instead I wrote 'love' in daisy petals on the ground. Something shifted inside and I felt calmer, more peaceful.

There is something special and lovely about these simple flowers: the way they nod cheekily on long stems; the beauty of them silhouetted against a blue sky; their toughness in growing on an nearby old cottage wall six feet off the ground.

Ox-eye daisies, moon daisies, dog daisies, noínín mor, thank you, you bring the lightness and life of summer and make me smile.
Ox-eye daisies growing on an old cottage wall

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