Saturday, 27 June 2015

42. Rainbow

The calendar sundial - the length of the shadow tells the date
It is midsummer. The shadow on the calendar sundial moves daily along the summer solstice clock, the curved line closest to the bog-oak gnomon. It is hard to believe that in six months time in December the shadow will be many times longer, moving along the furthest clock. But now I am revelling in the long hours of daylight, the high sun and the invigorating sense of summer fullness in the Garden.

Rainbow over the old woodland

And then the rainbow came, unexpectedly, like a blessing over the Garden.  Its arc reflected the curved clock of the sundial - two celestial phenomena for midsummer.  

I can't pick up a rainbow and it might take a while to find the crock of gold at its end, so instead I gathered some flowers from Imbolc and Bealtaine and made a little rainbow of my own out of fuchsia, hawkbit and purple toadflax.


  1. The leaf/ flower rainbow is brilliant! One of the most beautiful I have ever seen. x.

  2. I'm so enjoying how your posts send me to reference sources. Really one of my favorite things to do. And your hand-made rainbow is perfect. One wonderful way to participate in the magic.