Sunday, 12 July 2015

46. Patio rose

It rained all day today, a steady, drenching, puddle-forming rain; sometimes lighter and sometimes heavier but never stopping. It is unusual, even here in the West of Ireland, for it to rain so continuously.  

The Garden literally soaked it all up, and perhaps it enjoyed a rest from all the people. The only flowers admired by visitors today were the pink patio roses visible from inside the cafĂ©. The petals are almost white in the middle, shading to a deep pink at their outer rim - a bright, cheeky colour that lifted the muted greys of the day.

Finally, the rain stopped. I look out of my window in the late evening and see not pink, but green - a rain-forest of verdant greens in the ash trees, birch trees, grasses, hedgerows, herbs and much more. Perhaps I can find some gratitude for the rain.

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