Thursday, 6 August 2015

53. Sea mayweed

Today we had a summer gale, a wild, warm wind that whipped the sea into green and white and made the trees dance.

I had an exhilarating walk along the shoreline, and it felt like a different world to the Garden: no mellow softness here, just the elemental energy of a stormy ocean.

I picked some grasses and a bunch of sea mayweed, whose tough daisy-like flowers are oblivious to salty storms. When I got home I added ox-eye daisies and montbretia from my garden and plaited the stems together, weaving the sea with the land and tying the ends with grasses.

I realised I had made a Lughnasa offering, a simple harvest sheaf, and felt great gratitude for the richness of both the land and the sea.

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